Cocoa and yogurt biscuits

Cocoa and yogurt biscuits

Imagine a slightly crunchy cookie outside and soft inside, the chocolate flavor is not too sweet and light. Imagine you give him a bite and immediately feel a mild taste of cinnamon on the tongue. Yes, these cocoa and yogurt biscuits are just that kind of biscuits!
Like almost all of my recipes, need a few ingredients and only 20 minutes of baking.

teglia di biscotti con cacao e yogurt

I’m not a big sweet tooth, I prefer to finish a meal with another salty savory dish if I can 😀 The thing that makes me appreciate these cookies is the fact that they are not sweet, but sometimes with the bitter aftertaste of raw cocoa.

biscotti cacao e yogurt

They are light and healthy biscuits, and also cocoa was found to have beneficial effects on our body. According to recent studies, in fact, cocoa is rich in antioxidants that help in the functioning of our circulatory system. Cocoa is a strong antidepressant with reinforcing properties for our immune system.

Now that you know the good news you can enjoy this recipe of cocoa and yogurt biscuits without feeling guilty 😀

Ingredients for 15 biscuits

  1. Put the brown sugar in a food processor and chop finely.
  2. Take a bowl and mix together the flour, the chopped sugar, cocoa, cream of tartar, cinnamon and salt.
  3. Combine the yogurt and mix well to form a smooth and compact mixture.
  4. Give the mixture the shape of a sausage and wrap in plastic wrap.
  5. Let the mixture rest in the refrigerator 3 hours or 1 hour and a half in the freezer.
  6. Take the dough and cut cookies with a thickness of at least 5mm.
  7. Put the cookies on a baking pan covered with baking paper and bake in oven at 356 °F for 20 minutes.

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