Iced coconut matcha latte

Iced coconut matcha latte

If you love milk-tea combination, you will probably go crazy for iced coconut matcha latte. You can prepare it both hot and cold, but here we are in the summer and so of course I will present my version with the addition of ice.
I love to prepare and experiment with new recipes for you, with the ability to make changes to my culinary routine, which are also good for my workouts. In fact this super-green smoothie is perfect for breakfast. It gives you the right energy to start the day and a sense of satiety almost immediate.

tè matcha e latte di cocco

The flavors seem born to be together, because the coconut milk is perfect with a little earthy taste of matcha tea. It’s sweet to the right point, but if you want to make it even sweeter you can increase honey doses, or add stevia. Especially if you’ve never tried the matcha tea, and may be bitter for the first time.

tè matcha

I have already spoken in my other recipes as Green tea matcha mochi and Matcha Muesli about the benefits of this type of tea. Matcha tea can be an excellent substitute for coffee because, while containing caffeine, does not release the same excitement effects. This is because the caffeine in tea acts more slowly and in a prolonged, stimulating but not exciting the central nervous system and heart rate. In addition, it increases activity and improves concentration capacity.

matcha latte

This recipe is great for the palate and beautiful to see. Matcha tea has a brilliant green color just purchased, which will tend to be darker with the passing of time. My shake is slightly darker than expected because they were the last remaining tea residues 🙂
Matcha tea can be found in tea shops, some grocery stores and online.

Ingredients for 1 smoothie

  1. Put in a blender the oat milk, matcha tea, honey and 10 ice cubes. Blend everything until it becomes a creamy mixture.
  2. Pour the coconut milk into a cup with the remaining ice, and add the previously blended mix.

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